G-T-L Critical Illness & Hospital Indemnity Plans

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Founded in 1936, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company is a legal mutual reserve company located in Glenview, Illinois, which provides a portfolio of competitive health, accident, life and special risk insurance programs.  For over 75 years, the company has benefited from the direction of the Holson family whose consistent top-level leadership and management continue to provide GTL with a clear vision of who they are and where they are going.

Advantage Plus
Quality health care has become an absolute necessity and without coverage, statistics show that an illness could result in financial hardship.  Advantage Plus is designed to supplement your clients' current health insurance plans and fill some of the co-payments, deductibles or coverage gaps they would be responsible for should they need care.

An Advantage Plus policy can provide coverage for persons 40 years of age and up with a cash benefit paid directly to your clients to cover expenses associated with:

  • hospital confinement
  • ambulance trips
  • durable medical equipment
  • skilled nursing facility confinement
  • cancer
  • accidental death and dismemberment

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CHS Protection Plus
Guarantee Trust Life’s Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke coverage was designed to fill the gaps in traditional health plans to provide your clients with more complete protection against the costs of living with cancer or suffering a heart attack or stroke.  While many positive steps have been made in cancer research, cancer treatments can be very expensive. Do your clients have the funds to pay for the hospital expenses, treatments and prescriptions should they be diagnosed with cancer?

GTL offers two types of cancer insurance plans: Lump Sum Plan and Schedule of Benefits.

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