United of Omaha Life Living Promise

We are excited to introduce a whole life insurance product that covers final expenses and more from United of Omaha Life Insurance Company (a Mutual of Omaha Company), one of the strongest brands in the Senior Market.

You now have an industry leading final expense solution that includes:

  • Level Pay Plan with face amounts from $2,000 to $40,000, issue ages 45-85
  • Graded Benet Plan with face amounts from $2,000 to $20,000, issue ages 45-80
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • Accelerated Death Benefit for Terminal Illness or Nursing Home
  • Connement Rider included in the policy at no charge
  • No point-of-sale phone interview
  • Simplied underwriting
  • Competitive premium rates to fit most client budgets
  • Competitive commissions paid daily
  • Level Renewal Commissions Years 2-10
  • Lifetime Renewals Years 11+

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INCLUDED: Exciting Partnership with Legacy Safeguard

In addition to providing great final expense coverage and more with United of Omaha, you can also help your clients leave a lasting legacy and be remembered long after they’re gone with a free membership in Legacy Safeguard. Legacy Safeguard provides members with legacy planning and end of life planning assistance, support and guidance. Members receive the following benets when they enroll into Legacy Safeguard:

  • Legacy Planning Services
  • End of Life Planning, Guidance & Assistance
  • Support for Survivors
  • Estate Planning Support
  • Celebrating Life Events

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  • Industry Leading Final Expense Solution
  • Competitive Commissions - Paid Daily
  • Competitive premium rates
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